Why Does Your Garage Door Squeak?

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Six Common Causes and How to Fix Them

As a rule garage doors aren’t particularly quiet, but a squeaky one can be especially bothersome. There are many things that could cause squeaking and since knowing the problem is half of the solution, following are six common causes for a noisy garage door along with suggested fixes. Of course, prevention is the best cure, so to minimize noise and improve the performance and life of your unit, use a metal or garage door lubricant like WD40—do NOT use grease—along the tracks and the chain to reduce friction once or twice a year. Also consider having a professional conduct a garage door check-up annually. As always, Carl’s Door Service is here to help with inspections, repairs and replacements when needed.

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Squeaky Door Cause #1: Out Of Alignment
One of the primary reasons why a garage door squeaks is because a door is out of alignment. This could be due to moving parts which are incorrectly installed or worn parts that need to be replaced. If a garage door is not perfectly aligned, then metal parts are going to abnormally rub against other metal parts, which will inevitably result in constant squeakiness.
Solution: Have a certified garage door technician professionally align the entire garage door.

Squeaky Door Cause #2: Malfunctioning Chain
When the chain on a garage door opener malfunctions, it’s usually because it’s either too slack, too tight, or because one or more of the links are missing or broken.
Solution: If nothing is visibly wrong with the chain, but you suspect it is the source of the problem, try applying some WD40 or similar product along the entire length and inside the track. If this does not resolve the issue, have the chain professionally diagnosed.

Squeaky Door Cause #3: Warped Sheave Wheels or Loose Rollers
If your garage door sheave wheels are dented, bent or warped; or the stem connected to the roller is loose, the door is going to go up and down in a skewed direction causing immense metal-to-metal friction along the way. This will result in enormous and constant squeaking.
Solution: Replace the warped wheels or loose rollers. This job is best done by a garage door installation company.

Squeaky Door Cause #4: Rusted Nuts, Bolts & Hinges
Rusted or stuck nuts and bolts along the frame, track or chain are a very common cause of squeaking.
Solution: Use spray lubricant to help stop the noise.  If that doesn’t help, the rusted parts may need to be tightened or replaced. Calling a professional garage door technician is probably the safest way to do this as over-tightening the parts could put unnecessary strain and wear on the door.

Squeaky Garage Door Cause #5: Stuck Debris
Debris such as dead bugs, dried leaves, pebbles, dirt, or even snake and bird nests can get stuck in any part of the garage door system, including the track, rollers, chain, or frame. These foreign objects will create friction and prevent the door from rising and lowering smoothly and squeak-free.
Solution: Clear objects by hand and go over all parts with a stiff bristled broom to remove wedged-in debris.

Squeaky Door Cause #6: Broken Track
If any part of the track in which the wheels travel is broken, cracked, splintered or gouged from overuse, squeaking will ensue.
Solution: You can have the track either repaired or replaced depending on how severely damaged it is.

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