Warranties and Agreements

Carl’s Door Service warrants your garage door or garage door openers INSTALLATION for one year from the date of install. Carl’s Door Service strives to maintain professionalism with all we do starting with our mechanics. Most, if not all, of our technicians are IDA (International Door Association) Certified and Carl’s Door Service holds an IDEA (International Door Education Association) accreditation.  Please visit www.Doors.Org for more information on the IDA.

Carl’s Door Service warrants your garage door and opener PARTS through their specific manufacturers. You may contact Carl’s Door Service, or the supplying manufactured directly with any concerns you may have. Minor dings, scratches or dents either on the inside or outside of the contractor series doors are not considered warranty defects by Carl’s Door Service or most manufacturers, and will not be replaced.

Wood products may need to be finished and will need continued up-keep. Carl’s Door Service does not stain, paint or finish wood products. If Wood products are not finished to or continued maintenance to them as per the suppliers’ requirements all available warranties become null and void through both Carl’s Door Service and our suppliers.

Garage doors are NOT manufactured to be weather-tight. It is not uncommon for rain or snow to blow underneath or around the perimeter of the door and into the garage during severe weather. Carl’s Door Service make no representation that the bottom astragal or perimeter weatherseal will STOP water from entering the garage.

Garage door insulation comes as quoted on the door brochure. Carl’s Door Service does NOT guarantee that a customer’s garage will be drastically “warmer” or “colder” with an insulated door. We guarantee the door(s) we quoted will be the door(s) we installed, we cannot guarantee the insulation value of the walls or ceiling of structure which play a role in the garage’s temperature.

Payment in full is expected upon job completion unless other arrangements are made in advance. If payment is not made within agreed upon terms, a mechanics lein will be filed against the property the door was installed on.

No warranty is make on the operation of existing parts, ie Operator. As part of a garage door installation we will reconnect the operator to the door, and if necessary, reset the limits and adjust the openers sensitivity to the new door. If the operator fails to reverse or does not meet code UL325, we will disconnect the operator from the door and quote repair/replacement. Carl’s Door Service assumes no responsibility if your attempt to repair, reconnect or operator an opener that does not meet UL325.

Our Employees are NOT licensed electricians and can only do low voltage wiring. All low voltage wiring will be run on the surface of the drywall unless there is prewire existing. If an opener is hardwired, the customer must have an election arrive prior to our arrival to install a standard outlet into the ceiling. If there is no outlet in the ceiling openers can be run TEMPORARILY on a large gauge extension cord. If an opener is on an extension cord for more than 60 Day’s, Carl’s Door Service will not warrant any issues that may occur.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact our office at 410-557-8700