IDA Code of Business Conduct

The guidelines by which Installing/Servicing Dealer members of the International Door Association are guided in relationship with their customers are:

1. Customer Satisfaction

Of utmost importance to dealers is customer satisfaction. Dealers should establish customer satisfaction as a top priority, and deal with all complaints in an honest, fair and timely manner.

2. Truth in Selling

Dealers should avoid misleading selling techniques and practices that encourage customers to purchase unnecessary products or services. The necessity and reasons for the selling of enhanced products should be documented in writing to customers.

3. Responsible Conduct

Dealers should avoid conduct or practices likely to discredit their companies or the door and access systems industry as a whole, and shall honor their obligations and commitments to customers. Dealers should avoid conduct or practices intended or likely to discredit their competitors and/or  customers.

4. Truth in Advertising

Advertising, corporate and product literature, letters, and sales presentations should be strictly truthful,
avoiding claims which are misleading or inaccurate.

5. Product Installation

Products shall be installed in accordance with the specific installation instructions provided by the
product manufacturer.

6. Safety Compliance

Dealers shall provide a safe working environment for employees and shall comply with applicable safety
regulations. In addition, dealers shall inform customers regarding safety features of products and safety
precautions to be taken in the operation and maintenance of a door system.

7. Contracts

Dealers shall have written contracts and/or purchase orders, which shall clearly state the essential terms
for performance, including but not limited to the work to be performed, the products being purchased
and/or installed, the time for performance, and all terms relating to pricing.

8. Consultation Services

A door and access systems dealer ’s professional knowledge is a valuable result of the dealer ’s training and
experience, and when called upon for service or for technical advice, it is proper that the dealer be paid
for rendering these services. If applicable, such charges should be stated and/or estimated, in writing if
possible, by the dealer prior to providing the service and/or technical advice.

9. Bid Procedures

When the sealed bid process is utilized, the following should apply: Dealers should not seek to obtain
price information concerning a competitor ’s bid or proposal before all bids are submitted.

10. Proposal Compliance

Proposals and product installation shall comply with all applicable building codes, ordinances, regulations
and laws.

11. Warranties

Dealers shall present all warranties in writing, and shall respond to warranty service on a timely basis.