Emergency Service

Emergency Service contact number: 667-967-0036

Updated 3/17/2020

Emergency Service Terms and Conditions:

Carl’s Door Service, Inc offers 24hr Emergency service to our commercial and residential customers. It is designed to release a trapped car and/or secure an opening. If there is a true medical emergency, immediately call 911, they have been trained to get you out of your home safely and quickly.

Our Emergency Service does NOT cover warranty issues. Warranty claims will be run at no charge during normal operating hours only. By contacting the emergency service line, you are approving the service rates and terms as listed below.

Carl’s is not responsible for, obligated to, or duty bound to any customers seeking emergency services. Emergency Service is a voluntary customer service offered to customers and potential customers of Carl’s Door Service, and can be denied, cancelled, or declined at any time for any reason.

Carl’s does not guarantee:

–     The door will be fully functional upon completion

 * While our techs carry a variety of parts on their trucks, they cannot carry everything on the market. We will get the door and/or opening safe and secure, but cannot promise it will be fully functional when we leave.

–     That a technician will reply in a timely manner due to

* Unforeseen circumstances involving cell service, internet, emergencies (family or natural) and other extenuating issues resulting in a delay in information to the technician on call.

* Being on another emergency service call and/or not available to reach their phone.

–      That a technician will make it to your property due to

* Inclement weather along with possible local, state or federal mandates, our staff may not be allowed on the roads.

* Fear for their safety due to environmental factors.

Carl’s Does guarantee:

  • Their material and labor for 90 days from service. All warranty service MUST be done during normal business hours
  • If the door cannot be functional at time of the emergency service, we will contact you the soonest possible business day to discuss a solution.

Rates & Payment:

Emergency service rates for both residential and commercial are $300.00 for the 1st hour starting from the time our technician on call leaves his house until the time the technician demines the job is safe and secure. Additional time is charged in 30 minutes increments of $150.00 each regardless of what percent of the ½ hour is taken.

If more then one technician is needed due to severity of the of the emergency, additional charges of $75.00 per additional technician per ½ hour will accrue from the time the technician leaves their home until the emergency service call is completed.

All parts are an additional charge and not included in the base rate.

Once a Technician has left for the job:

  • There is a minimum charge of $150.00 if a customer cancels prior to their arrival on site
  • There is a minimum charge of $300.00 if cancelled at arrival.

All residential Emergency calls require payment upon completion with a credit card given to the technician before they leave for the call. On site the customer may pay bill with Cash, Check or Credit.

For commercial Emergency service, billing must be set up with Management during normal business hours prior to the Service or the call will be COD.

To Contact the Technician on call:

  • Please text or call 667-967-0036 with your name and contact information and the technician on call will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Call our office at 410-557-8700 and follow the prompts to leave a voice mail