5 Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

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  1. Clean the door. As you use your door, debris can build on the track and rollers which interferes with how easily it opens and closes. Removing debris and build up will help to eliminate damage. Start from inside the garage, and use a cloth to wipe away and remove any grease build-up. Wipe down the outside, too since that is where most of the dirt and pollen will gather, which can migrate into the tracks. To clean the door, use a detergent and water like the kind you would use to wash your car.
  2. Inspect weather-stripping. Weather-stripping at the bottom of the door can often crack after extended use, which can allow snow and ice under the door, thus causing the door to freeze shut. As you clean the door, take a good look at the seal and take note of any problem areas. If you see problems, call an expert to help with the repairs.
  3. Check windows. Damaged windows should be replaced. The sealing around them should be also checked for cracks and replaced before rain and snow can damage the frame or get into the garage.
  4. Lubricate moving parts. As temperatures drop, heavy oil and grease lubricants have a tendency to harden up which will create more friction and make the door and opener run rough. Applying a small amount of WD-40 to all moving parts (hinges, rollers, bearings, springs and the opener rail) can prevent problems. NEVER USE GREASE ON ANY PARTS OF THE GARAGE DOOR SYSTEM.
  5. Check batteries in the remote and keypads. It’s a simple thing to check, but its often forgotten.

A final tip: when it does snow, be sure to clear the concrete in front of the door to prevent the door from freezing to the ground as the snow and ice melt. If it freezes, the door and opener could get damaged.