Q. My Power is out, how can I get into my house?

A. The only answer we have it to wait until the power comes back on. The opener acts like a lock on the door, which means we cannot get your garage door up in a power outage without damaging your door. Carl’s always recommends carrying a house key to get you into your home. If your garage is like a vault, with the only door being the garage door, there is a feature known as a vault disconnect. It too requires a key, but you can disconnect the opener from the outside of the garage to get you in as needed.

Q. What does “Lead Safe Removal” mean on my proposal?

A. Carl’s Door service is a certified lead removal company.  If your house was built before 1974, Carl’s Door Service assumes your garage door has been painted with lead paint. In order to keep the home safe for small children, we take the precautions required by the EPA to safely remove the door from the premises. We will supply you with a “Renovate Right” pamphlet and ask that you sign saying you have received the pamphlet. If you feel your door does not have lead paint we can direct you to a lead inspector who can test your home for lead based paint. Please feel free to give us a call for more information on this process.