Q. Chamberlin Repeater (2) – As I understand it, this is the device that translates the HomeLink signal from my current car or cars to the new +2.1 signal.  Do I need two, one for each opener?  What is the cost per unit?

A. Depending on the age of your car, you may be in need of a repeater. We give those to customers at no cost and are reimbursed for them from the manufacturer. You would need one for each opener but you could code the car to both openers. If you have a Car2U system by Lear you have to purchase their repeater kit if you want the embedded remote in your car or cars to work. (Visit their website at http://www.learcar2u.com/ for programming instructions.) In all cases it is recommended that you keep a standard remote in the car in case of power failure when you have a battery backup. The repeater is powered by an additional outlet in the ceiling so when power is out, it won’t send its signal and you cannot get the door open.

Q. A tenant just moved out and I need to remove and recode the existing remotes. How can I do this?

A. It depends on the model you have. If you have a unit with switches in the remotes and on the opener you must change the code on both and make them match exactly. For a Liftmaster opener please go to Liftmaster Remote Coding Process and start with the “Erasing all Memory” and then follow the directions for “Programming the Remote.” 

Q. My Remote works intermittently. Is there a battery I need to replace and where is it? Where can I find batteries for it?

A. All remotes have a battery inside.  Pull the clip off the back of the remote. If you see a screw you will need to remove it in order to get to the battery. If there isn’t a screw, look for a little indent on the side of the remote. Use the clip you removed to lightly pry the unit apart starting in the indent and working your way around. Once it is open you see which battery you need. Carl’s carries most batteries for Liftmaster Remotes or you can find them at any hardware store or places like Radio Shack.

Q. How do I code my HomeLink embedded car remote?

A. Good question, we’re still trying to learn all the tricks! The universal method is to press and hold the two outside buttons on the unit until the light flashes slow, fast, then shuts off. Then hold the remote provided with the opener about 2-3 inches away from the unit and press the buttons of both devices simultaneously until the light flashes slow, fast, then shuts off. Next, go to the opener head which is hanging from the ceiling in your garage, find the “learn” button and tap it like you are dialing a phone. Finally, go to your car and press-hold-release the button you trained to the remote until the lights flash on the opener or the door moves. If this method doesn’t work, check your owner’s manual, call your car manufacturer or check out www.homelink.com.

Q. Do you code the car’s embedded system?

A. No. Carl’s does not get into cars to code them. For more information, see our blog post on embedded transmitters.

Q. Can you make my embedded system work?

A. No, unfortunately Carl’s cannot guarantee we can get your system to work. With the ever-changing technologies it is often impossible to make a car made in 2000 compatible with a motor made in 2014. Please check the links below for help with your system.

Q. How often do you recommend replacing batteries in the remotes?

A. We recommend replacing the batteries in the car remotes and keyless yearly. To help you remember, change them whenever you replace the batteries in your smoke detectors.