Q. How long do service calls take?

A.  The average service call takes from 30 minutes to an hour. However, service calls take as long as needed for our mechanics to get the job done correctly the first time. Each mechanic works at his or her own pace to ensure we give you the best possible service and materials for your time and money.

Q. Do you work on Saturdays?

A. Not at this time, but our office is open from 9-1 for scheduling and informational purposes.

Q. Our exterior aluminum wrap needs to be replaced.  Hopefully the wood behind it is in good condition and can be reused.  Is this part of the proposal?  If not, can Carl’s perform this work or do we need to make arrangement through someone else?  If we need to go to someone else, do you have any recommendations? 

A. The aluminum wrap work is not done as part of the proposal; however, we can add that service if needed. Pricing depends on whether you have a single or double door model and whether the openings are square or not. If any wood is damaged and needs to be replaced, our technicians will give you a firm quote before we do any work and show you the damage. We also have an option of replacing the wood and trim with a textured PVC composite, which is rot resistant. It’s priced the same way as the wrap, however it is a little more expensive.

Q. How long will the spring on my door last?

A. If the spring is correct for your door, their life cycle is generally 10,000 cycles, with one open and one close being a cycle.  If you use your door two times a day you’re looking at a life span of 12-14 years. If your door is cycled five times a day you’re looking at a life span of 5-7 years. There is a way to upcycle a spring and give it a longer life span, just ask your mechanic when they are out replacing your spring.

Q. My spring broke; can you fix it when you come out to my house?

A. Yes, our mechanics carry an array of springs on their truck. However, there are many different size springs and occasionally we have to order some in. If our mechanics do not have the springs they need for your home, they have a clamp available to get your door operational while we order in a new spring for you.

Q. My opener was installed in 1985 when the house was built, do you service them?

A. No, we do not work on openers that do not meet UL325. In 1994, the UL325 standard was developed and requires that all openers must have a non-contact reversing system on the opener. If your opener does not have photocells, we will not work on it. We can replace it for you with one of our Liftmaster professional openers.

Q. What Products do you sell?

A. We sell Amarr and Clopay  residential garage doors, Pro Via and Andersen Pass doors (Entry, Sliders, and French,) and Liftmaster gate and garage door openers.

 Q. Do you do anything else aside from garage doors?

A. Yes, we service and install residential garage doors, garage door openers, Liftmaster gate openers, commercial garage doors, entry doors, residential sliders, and French doors. We do not work on commercial entry or pass doors, but we can recommend companies who do.