Q. I have bugs getting into my garage, can I do anything to keep them out?

A. Unfortunately, no. Bugs have the ability to get into the smallest places conceivable. There is nothing on the market to make a house or door bug proof. There are features out there to turn your garage into a screened in room but that doesn’t keep the pests out.

Q. I have mice and snakes getting into my garage, HELP!

A. There are a few things you can try, but they are not fool proof. The first is to put stainless steel wool in the ends of the rubber on your door. Mice hate chewing on it as much as we dislike chewing on silverware. The next recommendation is a product called Repels-All which is made by Shotgun. Spray it in an arch around the garage door. The nasty smell lasts only for a day or two for humans, but the oil stays in the ground to keep out the pests.

Q. Whenever there is a hard rain, I get water in my garage. What can I do to stop it?

A. There isn’t anything anyone can do to stop the water. We can try and slow it down with things like Threshold or new astragal; however, water will always try and find its lowest level and since water can get through a pin hole, there is no way to completely stop the water.