Q. Is there any maintenance I can do to my door myself?

A. Yes, there is. Carl’s recommends replacing the batteries in your remotes and in your keyless entry every year. We also recommend using WD40 to spray the torsion spring that goes across the top of your door, the sheave wheels or pulleys that are attached to the track, extension springs, and the outside rollers and hinges on the door to help them move more freely and squeak less. Please don’t use grease. WD40 lubricates and then evaporates, grease will stay and catch all the dirt, dust and debris that is in your garage and make your door work poorly. If the hinges in the middle of the door are squeaking, use a dry graphite lubricant on the hinges to quiet them down. We don’t recommend WD40 on the center hinges because it can drip on a car and damage the finish.

Q. What maintenance do you recommend for my door?

A. We recommend you do the general maintenance of lubricating your doors hinges and springs once a year. We recommend having a professional come out once every three years to adjust springs and make sure the door and opener hardware is not damaged or in need of replacement. We also recommend proactively replacing the astragal, springs and sheave wheels (if applicable) on your door every 7-10 years.

Q. How often do you recommend replacing batteries in the remotes?

A. We recommend replacing the batteries in the car remotes and keyless yearly. To help you remember, change them whenever you replace the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Q. Can I wash my garage door? Can I use my power washer?

A. Yes, you can wash your door but please do not use a power washer. Power washers can take the finish off the door and void the manufacturer’s warranty. Carl’s recommends using a high quality car wash and gentle garden hose to clean and rinse your door.  If there is something stuck on your door, use something like Simple Green to try and get it off (nothing abrasive, please!).